Successful Resume Key Words Format Template

How does an ideal resume look like? You are probably in the middle of writing your resume or updating an existing one so that it adheres to the most recent trends in writing. It is exactly what you’re about to learn in today’s post. Check out the following for tips as well as the some resume buzz words to make use of. According to experts in writing a CV and using resume key words, applicants must not only focus on the content but also on the presentation of the CV. Even if some applicants are more experienced than the others are, they can be at a disadvantage if they don’t know how to make their resume appealing and organized in the eyes of the recruitment managers and employers. See the following for tips in improving the presentation of your application as well as some resume action words that can strengthen the application.

Improving Resume Format Template

Use Proper White Space

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In every side, see to it that there is an inch of margin. Also, you have to leave a blank space between each section to ensure that your application is easy on the eyes. You should remember this tip in formatting and presenting your resume in the best manner as possible.

Make Use of Two Fonts at the Most

One font is advised. But if you would use two fonts, you should see to it that they complement each other. For example, you can use a specific font for the headings, while another type of font is for the body text.

Use Italics and Bolding Sparingly, but Avoid Underlining

These elements can be used, but do not overdo. On the other hand, do not use an underline in your resume. You can use italicized format in the subheading as well as boldface in some parts you want to emphasize.

Make Use of Bullet Points in Highlighting Your Accomplishments and Skills

This is to draw attention in some sections that you wish to separate from the rest of the text. This can include a list of achievements in a specific job experience.

You Should Be Consistent Throughout the Resume

For example, when you use all caps to draw attention to your most recent job, you should also use all caps in listing down the names of your previous job experiences.

Formatting Tips


This section contains your name, which has to be in a bold typeface and with font larger than the other text in your paper so that the employer can easily remember your name that stands out from the rest of the paper. You can also add in your contact details, including your mailing address, email address and mobile number.


For this section, write your most recent education, together with your university or school name as well as your graduation year. You also have to include your GPA for minor and major subjects if you want to.


When it comes to the work history section, make sure to list down the jobs you handled from the most recent to the oldest ones. However, you don’t need to include all of them, but just select those that have to do with the application or industry. You can also include your coursework, volunteer experience and internship in this section.


List down relevant community involvement and other related activities in this section.


List down soft and hard skill related to the application.

Keywords for Resume Writing

  • Demonstrated
  • Showed
  • Increased
  • Led
  • Showed
  • Highlighted
  • Illustrated
  • Oversaw
  • Worked
  • Wrote
  • Marketed
  • Sold
  • Handled
  • Stored
  • Upgraded
  • Updated
  • Listed
  • Verified
  • Processed
  • Improved

Why to Use Resume Key Words

Keywords are an important element in each resume. Follow our formatting and presentation tips when writing your CV. Also, you may refer to these key words for CV for improved application results. Also, read about CV buzzwords to know more about a perfect resume.

Use these resume key words and tips today!