Keywords to Use in a CV to Make it Modern

What Are Keywords to Use in a CV?

There are resume buzzwords that help you make an impact, as well as there are tips that can make your application modern. These are exactly what you are going to learn here. In today’s digital world, job applications become more competitive. Job history and education are not all the matter in resumes because there is now the existence of interactive and social aspects looked into by the hiring managers and employers.

Digital text becomes more than words, letters and sentences and phrases are brought to life, capturing the attention of and becoming the basis of hiring professionals in deciding if an applicant is fit for the job or not.

Tips for Ideal Resume

Typefaces and Fonts

Use Times New Roman and Georgia; use fonts that are easy to read on screen and on any computer. You should also
adjust line spacing to 120% of the font size.

Storylines and Themes

Your resume has to convey a story about you. Focus on what you are known for; replace the objective s
tatement with a profile, which demonstrates the benefits an employer would get from hiring you. Remove anything that does not support your main story line.

Creativity and Innovativeness

Present yourself in the most creative manners as you have means to do that in today’s application. Use catchy resume phrases; embed a photo in your resume to add personality; include hyperlinks that can lead readers to supporting materials, like writing samples and online portfolios.


Present yourself in the most exciting way by using the right format. Applications are now not limited to standard and old formats, remember. Make your CV searchable online. You can also add video, as an interactive element. You can also use an infographic resume for a visual presentation of your design skills or creativity. If you have computer skills, you can also make a flash resume.

Video Resumes

Today, you can upload your application on YouTube and other video platforms, if you want to be creative and stand out from the crowd. Searches reveal up to 66,900 results on YouTube. Remember to describe your value proposition in your video and have it in a storytelling format. Do not upload unless you are uploading a perfect video resume.

Social Networking

It may help or ruin your application. Portray the right image on social media and build a good career. Remember, 45 percent of employers screen potential applicants on the web and 24 percent of them revealed they hire after reviewing an applicant’s social media profile.

Creating More Social Presence

It is a critical aspect of an application aside from using ____. Use LinkedIn and build a professional portfolio there. Direct employers or hiring managers to your online portfolio or blog. See to it that your photo is professional.

Modern Resumes Samples

keywords to use in a cv  resume keywords listresume keywords list

Resume Keywords

  • Handled
  • Investigated
  • Interviewed
  • Hired
  • Generated
  • Identified
  • Illustrated
  • Imagined
  • Improvised
  • Improved
  • Initiated
  • Inspired
  • Integrated
  • Invented
  • Guided
  • Hypothesized
  • Headed
  • Innovated
  • Instructed
  • Interpreted

Making your application modern will help you create an impact, show creativity and demonstrate your fitness for the position. If you want your application to count, don’t fail at following these tips. Remember to create a social media presence, optionally make a video resume and tailor your application based on the job advertisement. See to it that you are using key words for resumes to highlight your familiarity of the job, too.

Learn more keywords to use in a CV and tips for modern resumes today!