Best Buzzwords for CV 2019

Looking for Buzzwords for CV?

These words can help you create an impact in your application, as they can demonstrate what you can do and offer to the table. They can also display what with you that make you unique or a standout among other applicants for the same position? Check out the following for a list of suggested buzz words for 2019. Later, learn of the tips that you can make use of when writing a resume.

Best Resume Buzz Words 2019

  • Improvised
  • Handled
  • Headed
  • Hired
  • Improved
  • Gathered
  • Generated
  • Guided
  • Familiarized
  • Imagined
  • Invented
  • Integrated
  • Hypothesized
  • Identified
  • Finalized
  • Investigated
  • Interviewed
  • Illustrated
  • Innovated
  • Inspired
  • Initiated
  • Instructed
  • Interpreted
  • Expressed
  • Fund-raised

Do you need to use a resume template? It may help you create a customized application because there are many of them available, per industry or category. You can choose from the sources of the best templates and then select one that matches your industry, needs and requirements. It may help you land a job, but you have to make sure that you are using the right one based on the job application. However, you should also read and understand the job description before applying to the job. You should also read about the company you’re applying to; you may be asked with the same question by the employer.

Now going back to a template with specific resume wording, let’s talk about what can help you stand out in the competition and increase your chances to be employed. Check out below and see the types of templates to choose from based on your needs.

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Popular Types of Resume Wording


buzzwords for cv

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If you have solid work history and you are not an entry-level, then you may want to pick this format up. This is better to use than any other because it can help highlight your work experience, which relates to the job application. However, see to it that you’re going to list your work history in the reverse order, meaning the most current ones in the first lines. This list of work experience will help the employer learn of your familiarity of the job and your background. Speaking of background, see to it that you are highlighting your accomplishments and not job duties and roles in every job handled.


This template can be used if you don’t have a solid work history in one industry, meaning if you have shifted from industry to industry. It can also be used if you are looking for new opportunities and changing your career. If you have gaps in employment, ensure that you are focusing on the skills or expertise of the job, both soft and hard skills.


This type of resume template can be best used if you have both the solid work history and the expertise in the industry. It contains a list of your work history as well as your skills. It may be best to use if you want to highlight both these aspects, each in a chronological and functional format respectively.

Using the right template as well as including resume action words can help you land a job. Therefore, it will be best that you select the right one that will best illustrate what you have, can offer and benefits you can bring to the company. Make sure that you proofread and edit your CV in order to ensure that it contains no grammar and spelling mistakes. Also, take some time and research about the company you are applying to as well as the job advertisement so that you will have an idea of what it is looking for as well as how you can customize your resume for the requirements of the job.

Follow these tips and use buzzwords for CV today!